Exchange represents its long-term and reliable partners, expressing readiness to continue mutually beneficial cooperation.


Regular partners
"GOLD & G.B." Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Tigran Metsi Ave., 29/10 Building
"LOMBARDIA" LLC Armenia, Yerevan, Paronyan St., 8 Building, Area 10
"VALGE" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Mashtotsi Ave. 11 building
"MUSOYAN AAA" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Hrachya Nersisyan st., 1 Building
IGIT IGITYAN Private Entrepreneur Armenia, Yerevan, Khanjyan St., 13 Building
"SIMNOR" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Vantian 61a
"LOMBARD PLYUS" LLC Armenia, Yerevan, Badal Muradyan St., 1 Building, 23
"MVM-FINANCE" LLC Armenia, Yerevan, Erebuni St., 11 Building, 59
"EXPRESS VIP SERVICE" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Isahakyan St., 18 Building
"AVACRED" LLC Armenia, Yerevan, Nor Nork 2nd Micro-District, Gai Ave., 19/22 Building
"MANIOKA" LLC Armenia, Yerevan, Komitasi Ave. 49
"VOLTA" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Garegin Nzdehi st., 4/5 building
"GEVASAR CREDIT"LLC Armenia, Yerevan, Leningradyan St., 50/105 Building
"AMUNI GROUP" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Karapet Ulnetsu St., 59/5 Building, Area 11
"AMALIK CREDIT" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Zakaria Kanakertsu (Sarkavagi) St., 117 Building
ASHOT FRANGULYAN Private Entrepreneur Armenia, Yerevan, Nor Nork 2nd Micro-District, Gayi Ave., 19 Building, №9 
NARINE ARZUMANYAN Private Entrepreneur Armenia,Yerevan,Nor Nork 2nd Micro-District, Totoventsi St., 3 Building
"CREDIT GRKO" PAWNSHOP Armenia,Yerevan, Komitasi Ave., 48 Building, Area 62
"METS VARK" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Bashinjaghyan St., 188/92 Building
"PROFFINANCE" PAWNSHOP Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Komitasi Ave., 12 Building, Area 101
"SIKOR" Co.Ltd Armenia,Yerevan, Shinararneri St., 14 Building
"WHITE SOLITER" PAWNSHOP Armenia, 0009, Yerevan,Koryuni St., 8-4 Building
"DIAMOND CREDIT" Co.Ltd Armenia, Yerevan, Gorku St., 68 Building, №3
"ROYAL CREDIT LOMBARD" PAWNSHOP Armenia, Yerevan, Koryuni St., 13/5 Building
ZHIRAYR AHARONYAN Private Entrepreneur Armenia, Yerevan, Bashinjaghyan St., 173 Building, Apt. 27