About us

“YEREVAN COMMODITY EXCHANGE”  was founded on 13th March 2007, as a limited liability company (until 16.03.2023 “Akson” commodity and raw material exchange” LLC). Founders of the exchange, residents of the Republic of Armenia, viewed the aim of creation of an exchange by their participation from the angle of regulation and development of the Armenian product market.

Due to the experience gained during its activity and trust of many partners, exchange continues its cooperation with a number of state agencies, many large and medium enterprises, banks, loan companies, pawnshops, as well as with other physical and legal entities, providing a full package of exchange services.

Proper level of exchange activity is ensured by its appropriately qualified staff, specialists and experts of various fields cooperating with the exchange on contract basis.

Using new tools of exchange sales and of provided services and by including new fields, exchange increases quantity of transactions and their volumes, continuing to occupy its special place in the economic sphere of the RA.

Our activity

Exchange provides high-quality services, which directly relate to its main activity and ensures its proper level, as well as services, which are used in different economic fields.

Consultations are provided, including: in legal, financial and in other economic fields.

Exchange conducts quotation of any property by providing current indicative values or indicative values formed in certain period, as well as, in a brief period of time it implements valuation of property right, risks, shares, movable and immovable properties and of other material assets.     

Auction sale of various properties is periodically conducted on the exchange platform by “classic” and “Dutch” methods of auction, providing flexible pricing policy combining demand and offer.   

Exchange also conducts tenders with the purpose to choose the best offers. Publicity of this process and correspondence to the legislation of the RA is ensured by the competition commission, which consists of the professional staff of the exchange, it is being supplemented by customer’s representative, and also by invited specialists, if needed.

What do we offer

When organizing alienation, the exchange, at its own expenses, conducts large-scale promotion campaigns by  press, television, Internet, as well as on its official website and by placing corresponding information in lot-lists of the exchange, ensuring participation of wider circle of sellers and buyers in the exchange trade.  

 “YEREVAN COMMODITY EXCHANGE” assures, that due to its used tools and professional skills of the staff, it can assist in meeting the requirements of exchange’s partners and customers by providing complete package of services or by conducting separate functions.